Monday, September 10, 2012

another driving adventure

we were warned that it was a long drive from khiva to bukhara with a bad road part of the way. about 100 km of the road is under construction so it was reminiscent of Mongolia with large sections of not great gravel and dirt roads between a few km of good road. we finally got on the good section after 200+ km and the driver was going pretty fast, about 100 kph. he drove on the side of the road to avoid a bad section and hit a 6 inch pothole with a really sharp edge. similar to Mongolia the car didn't like that and we ended up with severely bent wheels, the right two.

we had one spare and erick, Bryan and the driver spent 1 1/2 hrs using an all metal hammer hammering out the rim of the least damaged tire to hold air. amazingly the got the tire to hold air. unfortunately the foot pump the driver had leaked more air than it pit in the tire so we had to leave it at a very low pressure. but we made it the remaining 50 km to bukhara, which is a pretty impressive city. hopefully this os not the first of many adventures.

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